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Screw In Ground Anchors

Screw In Ground Anchors

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Tired of struggling with tent pegs that pop out of the ground? Looking for an easy way to keep a beach umbrella in place? Want to ensure that the cover protecting your boat, ATV, firewood, or other outdoor gear doesnt blow away?

Now you can enjoy the great outdoors, camping, sitting under a beach umbrella, using a trampoline or lazing on a hammock with ground anchors that keep your outdoor gear securely in place.
Use one of these spiral anchors as a dog tie out stake in an open yard.

Give new trees extra support or use these spiral anchors to secure lightweight playsets.

Prevent your tarp or cover for your ATV, boat, or trailer from blowing away in the wind.

These spiral ground anchors are a practical solution when you need to keep any item secure.
Top Reasons To Choose Our Recreational Spiral Ground Anchors:

No matter what youre installing, these anchors ensure it stays put.
Theyre easy to install in all terrain.
With a pointed tip that penetrates hard and soft surfaces and gets imbedded with just a few rotations, these anchors are easily turned into the ground. A handle is included for additional leverage.
Theyre made of top grade cold rolled steel, powder coated to prevent corrosion
The bright orange color provides exceptional visibility.
Each anchor has a foldable metal loop on top.
The ring top folds down to minimize the anchors profile above ground, preventing tripping in high traffic areas
  • Multi-Purpose Ground Anchors Heavy duty 12 inch spiral ground anchors can be used as tent stakes, trampoline anchors, to hold beach umbrellas for sand, keep a camping tarp in place, etc.
  • Easy to Install, Remove or Relocate Set of 4 spiral anchors comes with a straight handle to use as leverage for twisting anchors into ground; pointed anchor tip penetrates surfaces and gets imbedded with just a few rotations; once anchor is in place, a rope or harness can be slipped through the metal loop
  • Suitable for All Weather and Terrain Designed to withstand a heavy pull force, these steel spiral anchors keep outdoor items secure even in strong winds and poor weather conditions
  • Strong Rolled Steel Construction Made of durable cold rolled steel for exceptional strength; powder coated to resist corrosion; bold orange color enhances visibility
  • Safe and Secure Fold down loop creates a low profile so the anchor is not a tripping hazard; set includes 4 ground anchors and 1 straight handle
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